Roofing is an integral part of any building project. It not only serves as a main structure protecting a building from the elements, but it also helps define a buildings character. Our qualified tradesmen are skilled in building roofing structures exactly as specified in your plans in a timely and efficient matter. We can build a roof using a range of products including metal-sheets as well as traditional roof tiles.

We offer a complete new installation service and can also offer repairs to existing roofing structures. This can involve cosmetic fixes as well as internal structural repairs. A clear and detailed set of plans are required for us to adequately quote a project for a new roof. Simply send us an email with your plans for a clear and concise quote.

Installation of a new roof

Our team is more than capable of building your new roof. Our procedure involves the following:

  • Free measure and quote based on your existing plans
  • Ordering your roofing products for you if you need help with this (we often get discounts because of the volume of roofing we do, so it is often cheaper for us to provide it for you if you haven’t already purchased it)
  • Prepare the roof to be laid- this includes checking the underlying structure to ensure that it is in good order to lay the roof on
  • Installation of the new roof by our qualified team

Repairs to an existing roof

If your roof has been damaged due to a storm, fire or if it has just deteriorated over time, we can help restore it to its original structure. Our procedure for repairs includes the following steps:

  • Free onsite inspection and assessment of any damages
  • An outline of the repairs needed to be made and a free quote based on the costs attached with the repairs
  • Ordering of the materials required to make the repairs, which may involve both structural and cosmetic materials
  • Our team of skilled tradesmen will perform the required repairs

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